Exploring Purpose, Potential and the Human Experience

We enrich our life experience by being open to new ideas, ways of thinking and drawing inspiration from others who have walked different and daring paths. The Lit Podcast hopes to shine a light on these and play a part in changing the trajectory of our lives and our planet for the better."

Derrick Siu

Armed with endless energy and probable undiagnosed ADHD, Derrick has had a crack at most things. From exploring a career as an aerobics instructor whilst in medical school (a failed attempt) to organising hip hop parties, promoting artists as a music manager, motivating and educating as a professional speaker, hosting as a Radio DJ / TV Host to most recently founding Superfly Monkey Dragons – a parkour academy and agency sharing his love of movement.

It may all seem random, but there is a common thread through most of his endeavours – an inner desire to explore human potential through mind and movement and a passion to empower, entertain and move people.

One of his earliest dreams was to host a broadcast TV talk show. That dream had taken a back seat for some time, but now the stars have finally re-aligned and he’s rediscovered his passion to connect, communicate and empower. Its time to reignite and get Lit!